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UX Design Intern @ Amazon

Summer 2022

I interned at Amazon in summer 2022. I primarily worked on creating a mobile web experience for B2B invoice management at Amazon Business. If you are interested in my work, please contact me for the password to view my work. 

If you do not have the password now, feel free to scroll down and see some of my takeaways from this internship :)

Key Takeaways
  • I dived deep to learn about new products, get a thorough understanding of the business impact of the products and analyzed the mobile web experiences' pain points and opportunities. 

  • I designed for two different groups of customers - buyers and sellers, giving me opportunities to think in different mindsets to provide better customer experiences. 

  • I presented and defended my design with solid justifications to convince the audience to agree with me when meeting with stakeholders and cross-functional teams and levels.

  • I collaborated with cross-functional teams and took proactive actions to communicate with them to push ahead the projects.

I also kept a daily diary to reflect on my work and my learning. I'd love to also share some with you and feel free to explore those random ideas and thinking pieces :)

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