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I'm Zhoujun

I am a UX designer who is hungry to learn and evolve in all things in solving complex design problems to serve different communities of people. 

I'm currently a second-year MS-HCI student @ GaTech. I interned @ Amazon in Summer 2022. I'm looking for UX Design jobs after my graduation in 2023.



Images blurred intentionally due to NDA.

#internship  #mobile web  #B2B

Check out my work on creating a mobile web experience for Amazon customers to manage their invoices.


#AR  #Museum

Explore how HiMoA could help you engage in your visit to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA.


#Service Design  #Visual Branding

Full Moon provides thematic entertaining services for their customers while they are waiting in the restaurant to maintain their patience and increase returning rate.


GT Healthcare Websites Redesign



Georgia Tech Stamps Health Services has its websites with 4k+ weekly viewers. How might we redesign the websites to make them more user-friendly without changing the content?

An interactive product and system that helps predict and prevent crowd crush.

#Physical prototyping


I coded Arduino boards and designed 3D models to deliver a solution that alarms people when there is a potential danger of crowd crush.

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