Hi, I'm Holly

I'm currently a second-year MS-HCI student @ GaTech. I interned @ Amazon in Summer 2022. I'm looking for UX Design full-time job after my graduation in 2023.



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What did I do at Amazon Summer 2022?


#mobile web

Check out my work on creating a mobile web experience for Amazon customers to manage their invoices.

Do you feel hard to engage in your visit to art museums when you are by yourself?

#UX case study

#Team project

Explore how HiMoA could help you with your visit to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA.

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Having trouble dealing with all your unwanted items during college moveout? We got you!

#UX case study

#UX design

#Team project

SecondHive helps Georgia Tech students get rid of their unwanted items in a sustainable way.

I know eating sometimes could be out of control and appetites change a lot. 

#UI design

#Personal project

EatWithMe is trying to help people with the binge eating disorder track their eating throughout the day for reflection.